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Nigritella rubra buschmanniae

The Nigritella rubra subsp. buschmanniae (Teppner & Stern) H. Baumann & R. Lorenz, 2005 is a small plant of the family Orchidaceae.


It is a herbaceous plant from 5 to 15 cm high. The organic form is bulbous geophytes (G bulb), is a perennial that is leading the buds in place underground. During the season, no adverse air bodies and gems are in organs called underground bulbs or tubers, reserve facilities that annually produce new stems, leaves and flowers. Terrestrial orchid is because unlike other species, is not "epiphyte", that does not live at the expense of other plants of major proportions.


The roots are sorted by type and minor bulbs, and are positioned at the top of the bulbs.


* Basal leaves: they are few and have a linear-graminiforme; are slotted lengthwise.
* Leaves Caulino: are gradually reduced to scales licenses like bracts.

All leaves have a serrated margin white-papillose.


The terminal inflorescence is a brief spike with a hemispherical or ovoid in shape with many small flowers below and not twisted on the axis (the lip is in its original location above). At the end of the inflorescence shape of the ear is more elongated.

The flowers are the armpit of bracts long as the flowers themselves or even more, even the bracts are margined in white.
The flower color is pale pink (almost white) according to the inflorescence, which becomes more fraught with shades of purple toward the apex.


The flowers are hermaphrodite and zygomorphic irregularly, pentacyclic (perigonium to 2 whorls of tepals, two whorls of stamens (one only fertile the other being atrophied), a whorl of the stylus) . The flower is not very open. Flower Size: 6-9 mm.

Source: http://it.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nigritella_rubra_buschmanniae

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